A Weekend in Seattle

My husband has been on my case lately and rightfully so. I’ve been sitting here with a list of destinations, the must-do’s for them all and I haven’t shared them yet! 

With that said, here is a quick trip guide for Seattle and all the awesome places we were able to check out (and recommend) over a long weekend in the rainy city...

This was my first time in Seattle. May as well have been Steve’s first visit too as he had only been when he was 12 and hardly remembers being there. It’s a charming city for being so gloomy and the people clearly take pride in their craft beers, artisanal delicacies and their beloved Seahawks. 

Getting there
We flew LAX to SEA with Alaska Airlines. Steve was able to score us first class seats using his points which was another first for me! We were pleased with the service of the flight crew, the quality of the meal provided and the overall comfort of the aircraft. 

Once we arrived at SEA, it was just a matter of walking to the rail system, paying $3/person and taking the ride downtown just blocks away from our hotel. 

The rail system was convenient for getting to/from the airport and that’s about it. The rest of the city is very walkable, depending on how much you like to walk. 

Where we stayed: The Warwick
We stayed at The Warwick Hotel, which was walking distance from the rail stop and all the downtown attractions. 

The hotel had a charming, mid-century themed lobby and we were happy with our spacious room which had a beautiful view of the Space Needle and surrounding buildings in the area. 

My husband booked the room because there was a great deal on it and it had good reviews. All in all, we were pleased with our stay and the customer serviced we received. 

View from our room at The Warwick Hotel

View from our room at The Warwick Hotel


Where we went, What we did
Here is a breakdown of our itinerary by neighborhood:

Pioneer Square
Other than walking around this charmingly dated neighborhood, we were here for one main attraction: Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. We highly recommend this tour, especially if you want to learn more about the Seattle's local history and how the city was built. 

Be sure to order tickets in advance to avoid sell outs. They have different tours for different age groups so check them all out online (link above).

They have a bar where you can grab a drink while you wait for your tour to begin which is pretty neat. The tour ends with a gift shop where you can check out and buy Seattle memorabilia.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square


Pike Place Market
The most touristy, famous part of Seattle but it’s very much worth walking around and checking out the large indoor/outdoor public market that is filled with fresh seafood, locally grown fruits and vegetables, baked goods, soaps, candles, spices and so much more. Some of the seafood vendors will ship the fresh fish directly to your home!

Some of the notable eateries were….

Beechers! The perfect snack is their cup of mac and cheese to-go and enjoy while walking around the market.

Wake up from the mac and cheese coma with a coffee from the original Starbucks just a few doors down from Beechers. 

We enjoyed the different selections of IPAs and blondes at Pike Place Brewing. Their walls are covered with really cool, vintage memorabilia from various brewing companies.

And, Kells. We came here for some lunch and an afternoon beer. Nice pit stop after venturing around the market all afternoon.

Pike Place Public Market

Pike Place Public Market


Fremont District
Steve and I ended up here after an afternoon of football and beers so my memory of the area is a little hazy. It reminded me of downtown Tiburon in Marin County, overlooking the water and seeing gorgeous homes perched on the hillside off to the right, lines of boats tied up in the water in front of us. 

It has some cute restaurants and shops…if you must find a better reason to go then the Fremont Troll is it! 

If you're a craft beer lover, check out Fremont Brewing Company. It is walking distance from the Fremont Troll and their sour beer was the perfect beer to sip on while enjoying the view of the neighborhood.

We went to Barnacle for apps while we waited almost two hours for a table at Walrus! They had a great cheese board and wine selection. It was an ideal location for a quick bite and drink but keep in mind, it has very little sit down room so it's not an ideal date night location.

After the long wait, we finally got to try The Walrus and The Carpenter. Friends told us that this place was featured on one of Anthony Bourdain’s TV specials, hence why it has since become a hot spot.

In my opinion, the wait was not worth it. I will say their oyster selection was wonderful though. While the food was good it was nothing out of the ordinary.

The Fremont Troll! 

The Fremont Troll! 


Space Needle
One and done. We paid to go to the top, it was really freaking cold and windy when we went (at night) so we didn’t hang out and enjoy the view longer. 

It’s a gorgeous view from the top, don’t get me wrong, but a local told me there’s a Starbucks on top of one of the building towers in Pioneer Square that offers the same views for zero admission cost. If you’ve been let me know if it’s comparable? And if that Starbucks really exists?

Tip: If you plan to go to the top of the Needle and want to see Chihuly too, then buy the combo ticket package. It’s more economical than buying separate tickets!

Space Needle in Seahawks Colors

Space Needle in Seahawks Colors


Chihuly Garden & Glass
The creations here are truly incredible glass art! It’s unreal and worth a visit if you have the time.

They had a glass blowing exhibition going on in one area which showed first-hand how much time, patience and care is put into each piece. Half an hour into the exhibition and they were still working on the base of the vase. If it takes that long for part of a vase, it’s mind blowing to think of how much time goes into all the displays at Chihuly Garden & Glass

One of the many gorgeous displays at Chihuly...don't want to share more and spoil it for any visitors! 

One of the many gorgeous displays at Chihuly...don't want to share more and spoil it for any visitors! 


More bars + restaurants

  • Lola
    • Delicious breakfast sandwich and potato side!
    • Awesome, friendly customer service
  • Belltown Pub
    • Lots of TVs, making it the perfect place to watch Sunday football, grab a burger and a couple of beers
  • Third Avenue Cafe
    • A good grab and go place for breakfast, lunch or coffee
  • Umi Sake House
    • Excellent sushi selection and a very popular restaurant
    • Highly recommend making reservations ahead of time 
  • Palace Kitchen
    • Awesome place for happy hour - wonderful selection of drinks and appetizers
  • Sitka & Spruce
    • Cute spot for a semi-casual date night
    • We loved their pickled vegetables and oyster selection. Unfortunately we didn’t have a bigger appetite when we got there but it still worked for a quick bite and glass of wine. 

And there you have it! My very wordy but hopefully helpful guide through a long weekend in Seattle. Next up, my review of our honeymoon in Belize! Stay tuned :)