How AwardWallet eases my travel sanity

In December 2013 I signed up for my first rewards credit card, the American Express Premier Gold and while I had no idea what a “Membership Reward” was or what the value of each point equated to, I knew I had some form of currency. Flash forward 2 years later and not only have I received and redeemed many Membership Rewards since, but I also have pocketed 12 other forms of redemption miles and points!

While there are many different tricks to earning miles or points, tracking them is another story of it’s own. Enter AwardWallet an easy to use website that will track your accounts and store your passwords all-in-one location.

"Who has the time for 13 reward programs?"
Me. And surprisingly, a large community as well.

I track Hotel Points, Airline Miles, Membership Points that can be redeemed for cash or transferred to partner airlines or hotels. I even track Car Rental points because why not? Needless to say trying to remember the total amount of miles or points for each membership is borderline crazy. I most certainly am not Rainman..

Regardless, I need to keep track of these reward programs somehow and be able to access them from anywhere, which is why I love the App! If for some reason my flight is delayed or some issue comes up, one click of a button within the AwardWallet app and I can see alternative flights on the same route without logging into a computer!

"Cool, how do I set AwardWallet up?"
Happy to help!

AwardWallet is simple to set up and easy to manage. I prefer to add accounts through my computer as opposed to phone because not all reward programs are mobile friendly.

1) Go to AwardWallet and register an account

2) After you are logged in, click the green + next to Balances

3) In the search bar type in the Award Program

4) When the new page opens up fill out the form and click Add

Congrats! You have added your first Award Program!

“I see AwardWallet will track travel plans too. This seems like too much effort…”
Don’t sound too defeated, voice.

AwardWallet will track your travel plans and it’s even easier than the above steps.

1) Forward your travel itinerary email you received from the airline carrier your flight is booked with to (replaced YourAwardWalletUserName with your own)

Thats it!

AwardWallet will take your travel itinerary and break it down simply for you so that you can see what Airline you are on, when and where you depart, the booking you made, how much the ticket was, if you have any companions flying with you and the confirmation number associated with your flight.

AwardWallet will track all of the account changes for you. There are a few Award programs which are not compatible with the service (namely United, Delta, Southwest), but there are plenty of work arounds to have AwardWallet automagically update all your account balances.

If you have found this post useful or have any other suggestions please share and add your comments below.

Thank you!