is this mic on?

Hello marriage, let’s talk about the 5 most important things you have made me realize.

1) It feels increasingly necessary to save money. We have no kids (yet). Our living situation is very affordable (for now). And we live in a trendy city (Los Angeles).

2) I turn 30 in February. Weeks fly by very quickly and the weekends are a time to rest. Yes, I may be juggling 2 jobs (my 9-5, and a 24-7), but they don’t break my back, too much. I feel lucky for this. I feel much younger than 29. People who joke that 30 is old I can't understand. 

3) Organization is much easier now. From a kid who once pushed and piled everything into his closets or under the bed, comes an adult who craves to do it correctly. It probably started in College when I enjoyed folding my laundry (emphasis on MY laundry), but it has developed to the point where writing my thoughts down and my exploration of getting from point A (planning) to point B (execution) is the most thrilling point in the ride. Executing many a project is easy, but doing it properly is another story I never quite grasped until the last couple of years. Let me remind you, I am almost 30… this is sad.

4) Understanding my own personal vices. No, I am not an alcoholic and no I do not have a drug problem. I am just a typical creature of the 21st century. My addictions all have ADD. One month, it’s necessary to smoke cigarettes, drink coffee/whiskey and read books. The next month it’s developing a fitness plan and sticking to it for 6-8 weeks before I decide I need to spend more time working on projects. Now it’s writing. Something I have pushed into the closet for years. Piled beneath all the other “to do’s” that my ADD feeds off of, I feel I have finally peeled most of them off the top to expose what I have longed to do. Write. 

And not only just write, but write with emotion and feeling. Thought and concern for not only myself, but for my wife as well. When we first started dating, seeing her happy about getting flowers on the 11th of each month kept me going. Buying her random gifts, or taking her out on a date, a ball game, or just a walk along the beach was… well it made my heart swell up. Somehow a lot of this got lodged near the bottom of the pile in my closet. 

5) Get mentally healthy. Execute on everything I set my mind to. If I say I am going to do something (to myself or to another, do it). 

Here are a bunch of needs, no particular order of executing:
I NEED to design more. 
I NEED to take my wife on dates more.
I NEED to travel more. 
I NEED to get mentally fit.
I NEED to get healthier.
I NEED to plan for the future.
I NEED to add to this list, in blood (ink).

It’s only been 62 days of marriage and I have a game plan going forward.

Also, I design things…